Engineering growth for Houston and all of Southeast Texas

Civil Engineering
and Land Surveying

Houston, Texas, considered the most populous region in Texas and one of the top five most populous metropolitan areas in the country, requires a tremendous amount of public and private infrastructure. Kuo & Associates, with our award-winning civil engineering and land surveying expertise, has been supporting the growth and management of such infrastructure since 1985.

Our Mission

We’re passionate about quality work with responsiveness, spontaneity, and timeliness. In fact, the City of Houston has named KUO an Outstanding Prime Contractor for our civil design work in water resource management, transportation, site development, and land surveying in the region. Among our other proud partnering collaborations:

  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Houston Airport System
  • Port Authority Houston
  • Harris County Engineering Department
  • Harris County Flood Control District
  • Harris County Toll Road Authority
  • METRO public bus and rail transit
  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones
  • Coastal Water Authority
  • Regional Water Authorities, MUD Districts, school districts, universities, churches, hospitals

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