Site Development

As the Houston area continues to grow and expand, so does the development and improvement of schools, parks, health care, public services, cultural centers, and industrial sites. Since its establishment, KUO has been leading the way behind the scenes in supporting the development of new building sites and the improvement and expansion of existing infrastructure to foster growth and prosperity all over Southeast Texas.

Our legacy of success includes a diversity of site development engineering over the years for major universities, K-12 schools, museums, courthouses, fire and police stations, city parks, city parking garages, and industrial sites, among others.

Our Site Development engineering services include:

  • Due-diligence/feasibility studies
  • Surveying (topography, boundary, platting)
  • DTM and site grading
  • Site drainage planning and design
  • Site utility planning and design
  • Permitting
  • Construction-phase support
  • Transportation engineering
  • Water resource management engineering