About Us

The KUO Legacy

Civil engineer and surveyor Bahong Kuo, Ph.D., PE, founded Kuo & Associates in 1985 to support the fast-growing Greater Houston region of Texas with timely, quality civil engineering and surveying services. While Kuo himself retired in 2008, he built a respected engineering legacy firm in the region that continues to guide the vast region’s growth and community development today.

Our Leadership

Shaheen Chowdhury, PE, RPLS

Steven Weng, PE, RPLS
Vice President/Principal

Kutubul Mainuddin, PE, RPLS
Sr. Project Manager

Sudheer Sangam, PE
Sr. Project Manager

Kiran Punyamanthula, PE, SIT
Sr. Project Manager

Tuan Tran
Boundary Survey Lead

Jane Xu
CADD Manager

Our Culture

Our work culture embraces the following three key values:

  • Collaborative excellence/teamwork
  • Individuals enhance the team
  • Diversity and inclusion
In doing so, KUO is dedicated to focusing on what we call the 5 P’s:

Profile – We place great importance in our profile within the communities we serve. Since 1985, we have built a legacy reputation based on our reliability, problem-solving abilities, innovation, and getting the job done in a way that promotes economic growth and sustainability.

People – Our civil engineers, surveyors, and other professionals represent the foundation on which our legacy reputation stands. So we foster a collaborative culture built on mutual respect, trust, and transparency.

Projects – We are grateful to our clients for the projects with which they entrust us. We treat every project with the same level of diligence, creativity, passion, and an understanding that every project’s success makes a difference for the communities we serve.

Performance – We agree that a community’s growth and prosperity depends on adequate infrastructure that works well. So performance matters. We strive for technical excellence as we work hard to complete our projects efficiently, on time, and on budget.

Process – Our performance depends on how we approach infrastructure challenges, including comprehensive analysis, workable solutions based on years of experience, the permitting process, and how we monitor the construction process. We have spent many years honing our processes, and they enable us to raise the bar on infrastructure design.

Kuo & Associates, an HFW Partner firm since March 2024, is part of a growing national network of legacy consulting firms in the architectural and engineering industry that have joined forces strategically with The HFW Companies (HFW) to reshape collaborative infrastructure design.

The HFW Partner Network provides for KUO a unique ability to leverage the national network’s diverse expertise, innovation, and other collaborative resources to support one another and the greater good of our clients on a national scale.