2.3-mile Roadway Reconstruction

Crosby, Texas

Kuo & Associates served as the prime consultant for a civil engineering design and construction-phase services for the reconstruction of a 2.3-mile section of E. Kennings Road in Crosby, Texas.

The project, completed for the Harris County Engineering Department, also included ditch regrading, the reconstruction of driveways, and the replacement of culverts, as needed.

Challenges included roadside ditches located partly outside a recorded right of way (ROW), as well as the fact the project area fell within the 500- and 100-year floodplains of Cedar Bayou. Consequently, KUO developed engineering design alternatives to assist with the immediate restoration of the pavement and correct the ROW issue via prescriptive easements and quit-claim deeds.

This project also required an expedited design, which KUO delivered on time, and included alternative-design presentations delivered in parallel with the design development and PS&E preparation. The project cost an estimated $1.5 million.