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Urban Planner (Houston, TX)

Perform right-of-way research and mapping for local Street, highway, railroad and other transportation facilities. Platting/Re-platting subdivisions comply with city’s zoning or land development ordinance. Assist on street paving improvement, waterline system replacement and other public utility projects. Develop site plan comply with city’s regulations include parking, tree and shrub requirements, setbacks, and access. Present projects to the public, planning officials, and planning commissions. Research different agencies GIS database and produce maps for infrastructure needs. Use AutoCAD to draft topographic, right-of-way, profiles and other geographic information. Prepare cost estimates, project memorandum, and other specific deliverable. Requires a Master’s degree in Urban or Transportation Planning & Management plus 1 year relevant work experience. Mail resumes to HR, Kuo & Associates, Inc. 10700 Richmond Ave. #113, Houston TX 77042.